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Multi Function Tablet Press Machine

We are specialized in manufacturing and supply automatic tablet press machine ,If you are interested in any of our Multi function tablet press machine.or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

1、Introduction of the Multi function tablet press machine

This salt tablet press machine is to press powder or particles materials into tablet shape.

It is widely used in pharmaceutical factory, chemical industry, hospital, scientific research department, laboratory and small batch production.

This salt tablet press machine has the features of good performance, strong adaptability, easy to operation, small volume, light weight, when there is no electricity, it also can be operated by hand.

Further, it can install one pair of die. The material filling depth and tablet thickness is adjustable. We have TDP-1.5, TDP-1.5A, TDP-5 and TDP-6 such models. Also, if you have any special requirements about the tablet shape, we accept customer customize.

automatic tablet press machine

automatic tablet press machine

Multi function tablet press machine

Multi function tablet press machine

tablet press machines

tablet press machines

2、Advantage of theMulti function tablet press machine  

1. Press ways: electric tablet, also can be manual pressure;

2. Applied scope: medicine tablets, pesticide tablets, food tablets, veterinary medicine tablets, etc;

3. Tablet quality: smooth surface, even tablet weight;

4. Tablet capacity: electric press can produce 3500-4000 pcs per hour.

5. Low dissipation raw materials (lowest experimental raw material usage is only 200 grams);

6. This tablet weight, thickness and hardness can be adjustable, as long as replacement of different mould can suppress different products;

7. We can customize 5-10mm diameter round mold according to customers requirements;

8. The salt tablet press machine is made of cast iron material; mould is made of high hardness steel, which can be used long time.

3、Application of theMulti function tablet press machine

1). Pharmaceutical industry: traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine tablet and nutrient tablets;

2). Food industry: candy, coffee pills, nodoame, chocolate beans, seasoning block;

3). Health care products industry: buccal tablets, milk tablet, and calcium tablet and propolis tablet;

4). Electronic battery industry: electronic components, button batteries;

5). Chemical industry: camphor ball, aromatic ball, chemical fertilizer, mat, catalyst, disinfection tablet, powdery cake;

6). Metallurgical ceramic industry: catalyst, metallurgy, ceramic powder grain, sheet metal.

Multi function tablet press machine for pharmaceutical

Multi function tablet press machine for pharmaceutical

automatic tablet press machine for pharmaceutical

automatic tablet press machine for pharmaceutical

4、Service of the Multi function tablet press machine

SS machinery warrants all packing machines of its manufacture to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment, provided

1 Given normal and proper usage,

2 Owned by the original buyer,

3 Operated in accordance with generally approved practice and SS machinery instructions,

4 No repairs, modifications, or replacements made by others without SS machinery’s prior written approval.

SS machinery repair components are supplied free of charge during the warranty period. SS machinery personnel are available for equipment training, either on-site/hands-on or in a classroom environment, supported by visual aids and literature, to be contracted for by a separate purchase order.

Our Factory
Multi function tablet press machine suppliers

Multi function tablet press machine factory

automatic tablet press machine suppliers

automatic tablet press machine factory

tablet press machine suppliers

tablet press machine factory

tablet press machinery suppliers

tablet press machinery factory

tablet press machines suppliers

tablet press machines factory


Q: Can you make customized tablet pressing machines for us?

A: Yes, we can. And we supply the service of designing the machine according to your specific labeling requirement.

Q: what kind of labeling machine do you have?

A: We specialize in automatic and semi-automatic tablet pressing machines. In addition, we can supply different shapes of machine with high speed and oriented systmes.

Q: How can you promise the quality of your products?

A: Our machines are manufactured strictly according to domestic and international standards, and we trial run each equipment before leaving the factory.

Q: How about the price?

A: We are real manufacturer, we sell the machinery directly.our price is lower than market price.

Q: Do you provide after-sale service?

A: Yes. The warranty of our machines is one year, and we offer long life service for our machine.

Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?

A: Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training.

Specification of the Multi function tablet press machine






Max pressure of tablet

15 KN

15 KN



Max diameter of tablet





Max filling depth





Max thickness of tablet





Production capacity







550w 1400r/min

750w 1400r/min

1100w 1400r/min

Overall dimension


700x 370 x800mm

700 x400 x800mm

850 x450 x800mm