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Cake Packing Machine

We are specialized in manufacturing and supply cake packing machine ,If you are interested in any of our cake packaging machine.or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

1、Introduction of the cake packing machine  

SSZW series double inverters packing machine is pillow type automatic horizontal packaging machine is controlled by touch screen controller with human-machine interface, and is easy to set parameter, works in high speed with high efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.

cake packaging machine

cake packaging machine

cake packing machine

cake packing machine

cake packing machines

cake packing machines

2、Advantage of the cake packaging machine

Automatic down paper horizontal pillow type packing machine adopt touch control human-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting, high speed and efficient; Can adapt to all kinds of packaging materials.

Technical features:

1, using photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, exactness sealing and cutting position.

2, fault self-diagnosis and alarm display on its own.

3, constant temperature is adjustable, intelligent control.

4, dual frequency conversion control, cut bag since length set, don't need to adjust, one step reach the designated position, save labor and martial.

5, positioned stop function, non-stick knives, do not waste envelope.

3、Application of the cake packaging machine  

Towel, tissue, noodle, egg rolls, sausages, squid, ice cream, jelly, biscuits, fresh fruit, packing such kind of soft shape, strip shape, and bulk.

automatic cake packing machine for biscuits

cake packaging machine for biscuits

biscuit packaging machine for candy

cake packaging machine for candy

biscuits packing machine for pie

cake packing machine for pie

biscuit wrapping machine for snacks

cake packing machine for snacks

pillow type cake packing machine for snack foods

cake packing machines machine for snack foods

pillow type cake packing machine for cake

cake packing machines for cake

4、Service of the cake packing machine  

SS machinery warrants all packing machines of its manufacture to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment, provided

1. Given normal and proper usage,

2. Owned by the original buyer,

3. Operated in accordance with generally approved practice and SS machinery instructions,

4. No repairs, modifications, or replacements made by others without SS machinery’s prior written approval.

SS machinery repair components are supplied free of charge during the warranty period. SS machinery personnel are available for equipment training, either on-site/hands-on or in a classroom environment, supported by visual aids and literature, to be contracted for by a separate purchase order.

Our Factory
cake packaging machine suppliers

cake packaging machine factory

cake packing machine suppliers

cake packing machine factory

cake packing machines suppliers

cake packing machines factory

cake packing machinery suppliers

cake packing machinery factory

cake packaging machine suppliers

cake packaging machinery factory


Q: Can you provide video for this machine?

A: No problem, we have more videos for you.

Q: Can you provide the packaging film or recommend the supplier to us?

A: Yes, we know some good suppliers in China.

Q: Can you supply Air compressor and Nitrogen generator machine?

A: Yes, we can supply this machine to you, but usually we advise you to buy from your local supplier because it’ll be easier to install and weld the connecting parts, and easier to change bigger capacity machine in future.

Q: How about your After-sales Service?

A: ① Engineers are available to do services overseas

    ② Training your workers how to install the machine and how to use the machine

    ③ Long-term supply spare part

Specification of the cake packing machine  




Bag Sizes

L   115 ~280mm

W 35~160mm

H  5-50mm

L   100 ~200mm

W 30~150mm

H  5-40mm

Packing speed

32-180 bags/min

45-360 bags/min

Packing film width



Packing material


Alu coated film


Power supply type

1Ph.220V 50HZ

1Ph.220V 50HZ

General power


5.45 kw

Machine weight



Machine dimension