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Which Applies To Heat Shrink Packaging Machines
Sep 09, 2017

Whether the goods are popular nowadays, the outer packing of the goods plays a very important role, however, the heat shrink packaging machine can be seen is the heavy, hot shrink packaging is a very popular packaging, whether in the supermarket or in daily life to see the products in the heat shrink packaging shadow, such as: disinfection tableware, beer drinks, Cosmetics, honey bottles, red wine, mosquito-repellent incense boxes. Heat shrinkable film is generally divided into PE film, POF membrane and PVC film.

Generally speaking, the beverage class commonly used PE membrane packing, this film is thicker, need a larger shrink machine to carry out packaging, after the heat shrinkage after the cold wind to shape, otherwise will affect the packaging effect; suitable for PE film packaging products are probably the following: tobacco, beverages, beer, cans, insulation materials, cartons, cans, drinks , large plate, sheet metal parts, such as larger heavier products.