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Vertical Packaging Machine Why The Self-stop For No Reason?
Oct 20, 2017

Vertical packaging machine why the self-stop for no reason?

Vertical packaging machine packaging process through the material stretching feed device, plastic film through the film cylinder formed into a tube, through the hot vertical sealing device to seal the side, while the packaging into the bag, the transverse sealing mechanism according to color standard photoelectric detection device Cut the length and position of the package.

Liquid Packing Machine.jpg

Vertical packaging machine for no reason since the stop, generally have the following reasons:

1, the feed slowly stop and stop walking.

2, the main vibration line vibration is too low to stop.

3, external control power supply interrupt, restart (no alarm).

4, electronic called leakage protection trip (black).

5, lack of pressure display clip down (with alarm).