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The Troubleshooting Of The Vertical Packing Machine
Oct 13, 2017

The following problems may be occurred and the conventional solution.

1.、Main motor cannot move.

Check whether the inverter fault or not

Check whether the electrical components for damage or not

Check whether the wires have loose phenomenon

2、After the host starting, the machine cant normal operation.

Check whether the firmware is loose phenomenon or not

Check whether proximity switch is signal or not

If there is no signal, adjust the CAM or replace the proximity switch

Check the wires have loose phenomenon

3、The longitudinal sealing without full sealing or sealing not ideal  

Check the sealing quality,

According the sealing quality, adjust the heat sealing temperature and the heat sealing pressure

4、The longitudinal sealing allowance is too small or while big or small  

If the allowance is too small, adjust the former before or after

If the allowance is while big or small, adjust the former left or right

5、The packaging film cannot be cut off  

 Keep the cutter sharply

Cutter is not flat, adjust the cutter's fixed link

Change the cutter

6、The packaging film is sticking the cutter  

Check whether the cutter is too out or not

Check the cutter is sticking or not

Tear down, and clean up