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The Performance Of Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Jan 26, 2018

Automatic powder packaging machine with what performance, the general automatic powder packaging machine to complete the bag, measurement, filling, filling nitrogen, coding, cutting bags and so on. And can apply a variety of packaging powder granular material.

1, the use of a new type of international popular production control system: high-precision high-speed dedicated metering control instrumentation, with strong features, high reliability and greater flexibility and scalability, high-dose powder packaging machine fully adapted to the production process repeat Highly continuous production.

2, high-dose powder packaging machine with overshoot suppression, automatic correction of the gap, automatic alarm and other functions.

3, the machine is a new type of mechanical and electrical integration of equipment, the use of computer control technology, imported high-precision weighing sensor, contact with the material even for the manufacture of 304 place.

4, the bag size can be changed, to adapt to a variety of sizes bags.

5, high-dose powder packing machine with chemical industry belt, plastic chain plate and other material structure conveyor belt to choose from.

6, industrial sewing machine, pneumatic sealing machine to choose from.

In summary, fully automatic powder packaging machine with the performance can help manufacturers better packaging products, reduce labor costs while also improving their health and safety.