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Talking About The Industry Standard Of Packaging Machinery And Equipment Safety
Apr 04, 2018

Efficient production dominates the rapid economic development, and safe machinery ensures healthy and orderly production. In order to better serve customers and let customers know more about the industry standards for the safety of packaging machinery and equipment, professionals have made a detailed analysis of the industry standards for the safety of packaging machinery and equipment. We hope that our analysis can be used for your safety production. The related help is as follows:

1. The packaging machinery shall fix the product label on the obvious parts and indicate the main technical parameters necessary for the normal operation of the machine or equipment, such as: rated current and voltage, rated pressure and heat temperature.

2. The safety requirements for electrical equipment of packaging machinery are to comply with the relevant provisions of the GB5226 standard.

3, the safety requirements of the hydraulic transmission system on the packaging machinery shall comply with the provisions of GB3766, the safety requirements of the pneumatic system shall comply with the provisions of GB7932.

4. The dangerous parts of packaging machinery that can cause personal hazards must take appropriate safety measures. Relative movement parts, such as clamping, cutting and other moving parts must ensure a safe distance to prevent operators from being pinched or cut.

  Dangerous messenger devices should be placed in the body as much as possible. The exposed rotating, moving or reciprocating parts that affect personal safety must be protected. Exposed positioning parts or protrusions on moving parts must be smooth or protected.

5, packaging machinery needs to be discharged, when the exhaust. Corresponding devices should be installed to avoid any harm to the operators.

6. Parts that may loose during mechanical operation must have reliable anti-loose measures.

7. When the motor is required to rotate in only one direction on the packaging machine, the turning mark must be made on the motor or in an appropriate position.

8. When the personnel enters the working area and there is a great danger, safety protection devices should be installed in the working area. When the protective device isolates the entire working area of the packaging machine, hazardous components in the working area may not be provided with additional protection devices. Work area guards should be set up to ensure safe distances.

9. For the packaging machinery that needs to be operated off the ground or set up, there should be a platform that meets the requirements of the relevant standards, and a ladder and protective railings that lead to the platform.

10. The packaging machinery working organization should have interlock protection to stop the machine or equipment when the failure occurs.

11. When the machine or equipment enters a moving state and needs to remind all personnel to leave the hazardous area in time, the packaging machinery shall be equipped with an alarm device.

12. The packaging machinery should generally be equipped with a safety switch. In any emergency, pressing this switch will stop the machine to avoid accidents.

13. The packaging machinery working under the flammable explosion environment shall have reliable protective measures for its mechanical and electrical devices and comply with relevant standards or regulations.

14. The packaging machinery should have clear and eye-catching signs of manipulation, lubrication, safety or warning. Safety colors and safety signs shall comply with the provisions of GB2893 and GB2894, and the graphic symbols in the signs shall comply with relevant standards or regulations.

15. The safe operation mechanism of the packaging machinery should be located at the position where the operator is easy to operate and control.