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Soft Packaging Materials In Packaging Industry Can Be Well Applied
Jun 04, 2018

Soft packaging Like other packaging, the three elements of packaging must be considered: safety, convenience, and aesthetics. After more than 20 years of development, China's flexible packaging industry has made great progress, especially in the aesthetic aspects of flexible packaging has reached the world's leading level. However, in terms of the safety of soft packaging, China's flexible packaging industry still has certain problems, and we need to continue to work hard for it.

A flexible package is a package whose shape can change after filling or removing the contents. Nowadays, there are various bags, boxes, cases, envelopes, etc. made of paper, aluminum foil, fibers, plastic films and their composites. According to survey data, it has gradually eroded the market for packaging materials such as metal and paper boxes because of its own advantages.

 In the packaging industry, flexible packaging has become one of the most important packaging forms for shelf sales with brilliant colors, rich functions, and various forms of expression. The progress of the domestic flexible packaging industry has greatly promoted the development of food, daily chemical and other industries. The development of these industries in turn has further stimulated the demand for the flexible packaging market and enabled the flexible packaging industry to gain huge market momentum.

 According to an authoritative forecast, in the next five years, the global flexible packaging market will increase at an annual rate of 3.5%, and it is expected that the output value will reach 231 billion US dollars by 2018. As the second largest packaging country in the world, China naturally has to keep pace with this development.

 The flexible packaging started in China 20 years ago. The domestic flexible packaging industry has grown from small to large and has developed rapidly, showing a clear trend towards group and scale. At present, there are about 400 imported gravure flexible packaging production lines and nearly 1,000 domestically produced high-speed gravure flexible packaging production lines in China's interior. The manufacturing level of these production lines has approached or reached the level of developed countries.

 At the same time, world-class printing companies are accelerating their development in China by means of absolute control, the establishment of new wholly-owned production companies and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions of Chinese advantageous companies. For example, a few days ago, global packaging giant Amko spent RMB 350 million to acquire Jiangsu Shenda Group's flexible packaging business. As the most promising packaging market, China will naturally attract foreign investment. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for China's flexible packaging color printing companies.

 In recent years, China's flexible packaging companies have closely followed the changes in market demand, adjusted their product structure in a timely manner, tilted their resources toward benefits, and achieved product differentiation and diversification.

 High value-added products emerged in an endless stream, such as BOPP heat shrinkable film, antistatic film, high-definition film, resistance to cooking film, transfer film, high gloss film, ultra-thin film and synthetic paper. BOPPT heat-resistant film, BOPPT online coating film, BOPPT film with nano-materials, and other new products such as imitation glass and bullet-proof glass have become new trends in the development of BOPPT film.

 In addition, with the adjustment of market products, the development trend of plastic flexible packaging film is very obvious, the market mechanism for survival of the fittest has already taken shape, and small-scale, poor-quality companies have basically withdrawn from the market. Therefore, many enterprises are accelerating the pace of large-scale production in conjunction with product mix adjustments. On the whole, China's flexible packaging industry has formed its own basic industrial chain.

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