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Small Filling Machine For Food Filling Should Pay Attention To Product Safety
Oct 27, 2017

Small filling machine for food filling should pay attention to product safety

Small filling machine due to the use of flexible features, so in the production of a lot of attention to the place. According to the different filling materials, there are different designs. Which if you want to small, beverage and other products need to pay more attention to food safety filling.

Food safety has always been a matter of concern to consumers in recent years, with the occasional problems of food failure also allows users to spend time in the fear. So how should food ensure food safety? Small filling machine can not shirk responsibility.

The first is the filling equipment materials, filling equipment should be used in line with national standards of stainless steel metal material. In particular, directly with the material to remove the part, must use stainless steel metal material, in order to ensure the safety of small filling machine, but also to ensure that the material will not rust. 

Secondly, the design of small filling machine should also pay more attention. So that filling equipment more reasonable, to ensure that foreign matter will not be contaminated to small, and pay attention to the internal structure of filling, to ensure that no other items such as lubricants into the product pollution.