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Shanghai Sunshine Vertical Chilli Sauce Packing Machine Details
Dec 08, 2017

Shanghai Sunshine Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for making vertical chilli sauce packing machine located in Shanghai, we are the leader manufacturer of packing solutions suppliers. 

Here will introduce you one vertical chilli sauce packing machine for small bag packing:

It is for small bags packing, 1-30ml sauce packing for tomato sauce, chilli sauce, sweet sauce etc. You can check the parameter of this model:

Name:Automatic chili   sauce packaging machine / ketchup packaging machine / chili oil packaging   machine / chive oil packaging machine
Applications rangeThis   machine is suitable for automatic packing of liquid, paste and paste material   in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical and other products, such as  shampoo, shower gel, face cream, facial mask, lotion, essence, toothpaste, Salad dressings, peanut butter, foliar, chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc.
bag size:Length:30-160mm   Width:30-100mm
packing speed(min)30-70bags/min
Machine Size:Length:700   Width:700  Height:1700
bag type:Four   sides sealing/three size sealing(changeable,one   more mould for free )
packing volume:1-30ml
parts in contact with the material304   stainless steel
Power:220V/380V   -50Hz/60HZ
Control method:Delta   PLCcontrol system
FunctionContinuous,   automatic measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number,   production date, validity, counting and a series of work
ConvenienceDifferent   dispensing specifications can be achieved by changing the mold, wide   applicability
labling Automatically   print batch number, production date, expiration date. Writing clearly,   evenly, neatly, if necessary, can be reprovisioned.
speed adjustmentAccording   to the requirements (set) speed
Adjust bag lengthBy   setting the pouch length by the touch screen, the sachet length will be   automatically adjusted according to the color scale under the condition of   the positioning color patch on the film roll. Adjustable bag length without   changing molds.
Sealing moldIntelligent   temperature controller dual control horizontal and vertical sealing body   temperature.
Display the recording functionWith   record and display class production, the cumulative output, the temperature   of the equipment heat sealing, continuous recording of running time. After   the device completes the number of packages per product set, it automatically   shuts down.
cuttingFlat   mouth / serrated with bag / a word bag / etc. Only need to replace the blade   to meet the multi-functional production requirements
Wide applicability of packaging materialsPET+PE/PET+AL+PE/NY+PE/NON-WOVEN   FABRIC /PAPER-PLASTIC FILM
CastersMobile   casters, mobile devices easy and simple

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