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Semi-automatic Granule Packing Machine Development History
Jan 30, 2018

In the development of enterprises will not be smooth sailing, and only those who face the constant reform of the face of competition constantly find their own reasons, and constantly develop new programs of development companies can achieve better development in the competition.

Granule packing machine as a new type of equipment, the application on the market has brought more happiness to people on the market, the demand for granulated products. This also requires that the efficiency of the granule packing machine to improve their own work only to improve their work efficiency to meet more demand.

There are many kinds of products in our life, which can be summed up as liquid products, powder products and granular products. Many products are widely used in packaging, and how the granular products are realized What about packaging? This requires a granule packing machine to complete.

We all know that most of the crops are granular. Are inseparable from the work of granule packing machine. Granule packing machine plays an important role in China.Granule packing machine has also achieved a human design.

In order to allow more companies to accept the granule packing machine. Product replacement time is getting shorter and shorter. Also let us see those things have a strong vitality, those things in the competition is so vulnerable. Granule packing machine has a broad space for development, has a strong vitality.

The emergence of granule packing machine has greatly saved labor, save a lot of time and speed up the development of industrialization, in the face of the changing market, the granule packing machine to adapt to the development of the times, to meet more voices, and constantly develop the development Strategy, and strive to be able to upgrade, but also only by continuous upgrading can we get better competition in the development.

The granule packing machine itself is not known to the general public, but its contribution to the packaging industry is numerous. Granule packing machine refers to the granular material packaging materials, mainly for better fluidity of the granular material. In order to meet the rapid development of all kinds of granular product packaging needs of our country, packaging machinery also urgently needs to move toward automation and intelligent direction. With the wave of technology and the promotion of market demand, it eventually joined the ranks of automation, bringing more convenience to the packaging industry and bringing greater benefits to the market economy.

Automatic granule packing machine workflow roughly as "packaging materials - by the film forming machine - cross-seal heat-type tearing tear - cut - vertical heat sealing synthetic", the process of automatic measurement , Bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cut off and counting and a series of packaging work.

The automatic granule packing production line not only can be suitable for triangular packing of puffed food, shrimp sticks, peanuts, popcorn, cereal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt and other granular and short strip foods, but also can be used for pesticide, Additive packaging, detergent packaging, salt packaging, MSG, seeds, rice and other granular powder material quantitative weighing packaging, but also for food, medicine, pesticides, chemical products in the round and spherical automatic packaging materials, such as sugar-coated Tablets, vegetarian films, chocolate beans, capsules and other aspects of the sachet packaging.