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Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers In China
Dec 04, 2017

Shanghai Sunshine Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for making Powder Packing Machine in China. Powder packaging machine should be multi-functional, intelligent direction.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's aesthetic, many products on the market need packaging machines to dress up. In addition to increasing the aesthetic level, it can also increase the usage rate of the product, ensure that the product can be stored for a long time, and the quality of the product is not affected by time and space and deteriorate. In the pharmaceutical industry, the powder packing machine is also widely used equipment, which can pack powder medicine tightly, isolated from the outside air to play, play a moisture-proof, anti-fouling effect, to ensure drug safety. In addition, the powder packaging machine has also been modified for the appearance of pharmaceutical products, the various forms of drugs are packaged with a certain size of the product, so as to enrich the market.

Powder packaging machine is the production of an important part of the packaging process, which includes filling, bag making, sealing, coding and other major processes, the use of powder packaging machine can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, to meet the needs of mass production and meet the clean Claim.

China's powder packaging machine at the beginning of the 20th century, is a combination of domestic and foreign advanced technology developed. Powder packaging machine is widely used in food and chemical products such as automatic powder packaging. Mainly used in sachet packaging powder products, such as pharmaceutical powder products. Powder packaging machine packaging out of the drug is not easy to be corroded and other characteristics, this advantage by the majority of new and old customers a warm welcome. And has been the government's strong support. Overall, the powder packaging machine was born to replace the original artificial packaging, work efficiency has also been greatly improved, but also to add luster to the packaging machinery.

Diverse, full-featured, basic to meet the domestic food powder material packaging needs. However, the industry also pointed out that, looking at China's packaging machinery industry as a whole, we found that the overall lack of technical level of domestic packaging machinery, can not keep up with social needs, can not create advanced equipment. Coupled with the fact that there is no sound development plan in the industry, the government lacks the corresponding macro-control so that the development of domestic packaging machinery lags behind and lags far behind that of foreign packaging equipment.

With the development of automation technology, powder automatic packaging machine to save the traditional packaging machine tedious steps, with automatic measurement, filling, bagging, sealing, cutting off, conveying, printing production batch number, increase easy cutting, no warning, stirring And other functions for the pharmaceutical, food and other industries bring great convenience, but also by the market of all ages.

Domestic powerful enterprises in the automatic packaging machine conducted in-depth study. For example, Shanghai Sunshine Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd in Shanghai, based on the advanced experience of bagging machines at home and abroad, has optimized the latest Western technology, PLC programmable control, and advanced touch screen human-machine interface system. This machine is reasonable in design, the appearance is novel, the standard striped seal is adopted, and the replacement filler can be used on this machine to implement the powder and water agent. It can be sealed by three sides and four sides depending on the needs. As the device is redesigned and optimized in structure and principle, the appearance of the packaging bag is smooth and beautiful. The dosage of the packaging bag is greatly increased and can be filled by the double bagging. This is an ideal large-dose bagging and packaging equipment in our country.

Times are changing, powder packaging machines are also moving forward with the trend. In order to meet the needs of the market, powder packaging machine should advance with the times, toward multi-functional, intelligent direction. Packaging machine manufacturers should make unremitting efforts to be creative, powder packaging to packaging machinery standardization, standardization, packaging more easily and quickly, to meet the aesthetic and practical at the same time grab the industry demand, for the domestic packaging industry to provide better and more efficient equipment .