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Powder Packing Machine Installation Details
Jan 26, 2018

Powder packaging machine is a spiral feeding of packaging equipment, which is mainly used for all types of coarse, fine, ultra-fine, lightweight powder material quantitative packaging. Powder packing machine consists of all important components, the relatively large size, so you need to be installed before use. If you do not know the details of the powder packaging machine installation, the following to tell you about Powder packaging machine installation details:

First, install the feeding mechanism

In order to improve weighing accuracy, the position of the powder packaging machine should be far away from the vibration source. The finished product warehouse above the feeding mechanism with the soft connection of the inlet of the feeding mechanism should be able to ensure adequate supply of materials in normal work, The mechanism adopts oblique connection to reduce the front pressure of the material on the feeding mechanism and avoid the influence of material slump on the weighing accuracy.

Second, install weighing hopper and sensor

1, do not make the welding current through the load cell.

2, do not make external impact sensor.

3, the sensor must be fixed and reliable, and the universal joint and the U-turn between the flexible and not force, and the nuts are only tightened so that the joint is no longer dislocation. If the universal joint misalignment may cause irregular zero system changes. In addition the bucket scale must be weighed hopper discharge solenoid valve fixed to the scale bucket, so the scale bucket and external only a compressed air pipe connected to the installation do not make the trachea affected by external forces, the solenoid valve and the cylinder connected to the trachea do not touch Touching external objects, so as not to affect the weighing accuracy.

4, the sensor connection and the external fixed point to leave a margin, do not Zhang too tight, so as not to affect the free status of the scale bucket.

5, the entire weighing part must be fixed in a stable and reliable solid platform above, not because of the impact of external shaking.

Third, install and unload transition bucket and bag bucket

Bag sensor switch, according to the operator's habits on the left or right.

Fourth, the electrical part of the installation

1, the control box should be installed near the folder bag barrel easy to operate, easy to observe the location.

2, the control box and the power between the equipment and control line, the use of galvanized iron pipe or plastic coated metal hose connected airtight.

3, please control box, motor ground protection.

Fifth, mechanical institutions commissioning

1, respectively, according to fast feed, slow feed button to see fast, slow feeder is action. Drum and belt feeding mechanism to look at the positive and negative feeder situation, observe the steering and forward signs are consistent, such as reverse, then the motor three-phase line can be any two interchangeable. If the steering is correct, you can make it rotate continuously for a period of time to observe whether its operation is normal.

2, touch the bag sensor switch once to see if the solenoid valve cylinder bag is moving; then hit the bag switch bag folder mechanism in the bag solenoid valve and cylinder under the action of open.