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New Model 3.2 Meter UV Roll To Roll Printer For Stretch Ceiling Film Printer
Jan 18, 2018

The Features of the UV roll to roll printer SS-UV3204DR

1.The SS-UV3204DR adopts Japanese NSK bearings: High standard manufaction, increasing accuracy, optimisation of internal design.

2.The UV roll to roll printer German IGUS drag chain: Easy to install and repair, low noise and high durability.

3.Genman IGUS high flexibility cable: The cable with the smallest bend radius, can withstand the use of millions of times.

4.The UV stretch ceiling film printer adopts the Italy megadyne belt: High ability of wear resistance, ensure the stability of the machine operation.

5.The roll to roll printer adopts Japanese THK guide rail with dual low noise slider , high precision, silent design.

6.It is JYY DC ink pump,: Chinese highest quality level, long life and maintenance-free.

For stretch ceiling film printing: