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Multifunctional Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers Routine Maintenance Tips
Jan 02, 2018

Multifunctional powder packing machine is a lot of powders, powders of a manufacturer of packaging commonly used equipment, which uses auger design, helical cutting mode. Multifunctional powder packing machine with the advantages of fast packaging, high precision, the use of the operation is relatively simple and convenient, so more popular among users, Multifunctional powder packing machine greatly enhance the packaging efficiency of enterprises and packaging quality.

Multifunctional powder packing machine can improve the working effect excellently, provided that the multifunctional powder packing machine should always be in a good working condition, which requires the user to spare no effort in the routine maintenance of the equipment, so that there are problems in time to deal with, Here to introduce some of the more practical multi-function powder packing machine routine maintenance tips, I hope for everyone to help.

Multi-function powder packing machine routine maintenance tips:

1, the first mechanical ventilation to work when you want to work, shut down when the power cut off after the first gas.

2, multi-functional powder packaging machine to be installed when there must be a reliable grounding device.

3, multi-functional powder packaging machine should be the use of the environment temperature -10 ℃ -50 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%.

4, two or three months in a row to open the back cover to touch the sliding block and other parts of the beginning plus lubricating oil

4, Decompression, filtration and other associated parts should always check to see if there is no water in the cup.

5, silicone strips, heating strips to keep clean, can not have foreign matter, so as not to affect the sealing quality.

6, when the tape is damaged when replaced promptly.

7, multi-purpose powder packing machine in the handling process do not tilt and impact, but can not be tipped handling.

8, multi-functional powder packing machine working pressure do not tune too high.