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Micro-nano Powder Packaging Machine Is Widely Used In Pharmaceutical Industry
Dec 29, 2017

Micro-nano powder packaging machine is not easy to active powder material bags of active packaging (such as: milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, pharmaceutical powder, pesticide powder, coffee powder, seasoning powder, etc.). Packaging products after the shape of the product is sealed on three sides or four sides of the flat bag, but the packing of the mechanical seal their differences (Note: the three sides sealed form the usual product, the four sides of the envelope shape to be customized special heat sealing body. ) Bag system adopts step-by-step mechanical and electrical subdivision skills, performance Chinese characters controller, sealing device four control temperature, reliable photoelectric detection system, take the initiative to print the batch number or production date, Mechanical and electrical drive into the very high repetition accuracy, the production of all materials selected stainless steel, and materials used to fight the site is 304 stainless steel, the packaging machine in full compliance with the requirements of the medical GMP.

(1) twin-screw fast and slow feeding, with two sets of electromagnetic brake, to ensure accurate feeding.

(2) from the material inlet to the material inlet, all closed plan; with a number of suction port, including the feeding department, discharging department, materials sector, optional dust removal system to ensure that the packaging of small dust.

(3) The sensor and its hanging assembly, focus control departments to adopt advanced electronic weighing techniques, intelligent weighing controller, the initiative to modify the gap, zero active tracking, overshoot detection and restraint effect; Active statistics; measurement speed, high precision, long-term stability, reliable.