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How To Improve The Overall Level Of China Packaging Equipment
Sep 27, 2017

Really a high level of packaging equipment must be able to well meet the users, products consumers and the requirements of social development, only such ability reflects its level and value. Satisfy users, consumers and the requirements of social development can be realized through the following points, and this is also the world today packaging machinery equipment development trend.

1.Flexibility strong: Just click on the same platform packaging machine with simple operation, can change the types of packaging products and packaging form. This function for small batch and many varieties of the market demand is very effective.

2.High precision, high speed and high efficiency: The equipment can not only high speed steadily work, to the extent possible, to reduce the abnormal production time (such as waiting for raw materials, mechanical maintenance, search and debugging, etc.), this is the most direct means to improve efficiency.

3. Safety, energy saving and environmental protection: This includes maximum protection equipment operators and product consumer safety, as far as possible to reduce energy (such as electricity, water, gas) consumption, and implementation of appropriate technology, so that the production process to the environment to minimize the adverse effects.

4. Interconnectivity strong: To be able to convenient and fast to realize the communication between single, single connect the whole line, but also convenient and fast to single or the whole line and upper monitor system (such as SCADA, MES and ERP, etc.) communications. This is to realize monitoring, statistics and analysis of the packaging line efficiency, energy consumption indexes, such as foundation.

5. The machine control software can be easily modified and maintenance: Machine control software standardization make control program of structure is clear and easy to read resistance and easy to understand. Such a engineer prepare program is easy to other engineers understand, can be easily and quickly complete system maintenance and upgrade. This to reduce down time, reduce the enterprise long-term operation cost is very favorable.

6. Automatic fault diagnosis and automatic recovery: This function implementation can reduce the debugging time and cost of labor and personnel training costs.

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