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How To Maintain The Printer In The Scorching Summer
Sep 09, 2017

1. Every day after the UV flat-panel printer boot, must first lay the test bar, check whether the nozzle is blocked, summer temperature is too high, easy to dry ink.

2. Because of high temperature, ink volatile fast, please each purchase a Lammay UV flat-panel printer customers every day to print a square about the material, lest the nozzle plug, damage the nozzle,

3. Temperature control. UV printer to be placed in a cool, backlit corner, to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight environment suitable indoor temperature is 18℃~26℃, humidity is 20%~80%.

4. Power off moisturizing. When the UV plate printer for a long time does not work, you can choose to power off moisture, do not let the machine out of standby, so that the temperature will rise.

5. In the weekly unit, cleaning equipment internal and external hygiene, especially in the nose, guideway and other key positions, keep clean is particularly important.