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How To Choose Automatic Granule Packing Machine?
Mar 27, 2018

When purchasing an automatic granule packaging machine, the four main considerations are:

First, the material.

The material is generally determined according to the corrosivity of the material, and the corrosiveness is large: all stainless steel, general corrosion: contact material stainless steel, no corrosion: carbon steel.

General food grades are made of stainless steel.

Second, the output.

The larger the production, the larger the equipment, or the more it may be.

According to the output, it is determined whether one or several units can be satisfied. The output we generally want is the time of production, which is how many tons per hour or how many bags per hour.

Third, the particle size.

Large particles of the commonly used automatic granule packaging machine can not be used, because the large particles will feed the material outlet. Such as potato scales, briquettes scales.

Fourth, the packaging bag form.

Open pockets use open-packed pellet packing scales and valve pockets use pellet valve pocket packers.