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Global Food Processing And Packaging Machinery Continued Stable Development Trend
Apr 04, 2018

Over the years, the global beverage and food processing and packaging machinery market has maintained steady growth after years of development. It has only experienced a short-term decline in the world financial crisis in 2009. At present, the development of the global beverage and food processing and packaging machinery industry will present an overall trend of sustainability, safety and flexibility.

Sustainable and resource efficiency

For a long time, sustainability has long been not just a fashionable slogan. Responsible use of resources is also being seen by more and more companies as a competitive advantage. At the same time, equipment and technology providers are also committed to providing solutions for this purpose. In recent years, all beverage technology fields have claimed significant progress in resource consumption: reducing water consumption in beverage production, using process thermal energy and water to ensure positive energy balance in recycling, and using energy-efficient components to significantly optimize machinery and equipment Energy consumption, reducing the energy consumption of bottling equipment up to 30%.

The great success of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) continues. In 2011, up to 40% of all types of beverages were bottled in PET containers, and this proportion will continue to rise. The reason why PET containers have become popular is that their low weight not only increases the profitability of beverage manufacturers, they also require less oil to transport PET bottles, and are environmentally friendly.

Diversification and flexibility

Interpersonal differences are common, and consumers' habits and preferences for beverages and food vary from person to person. Consumer preferences are extremely diverse and the life cycle of a product is very short lived. For beverage manufacturers, responding to changing consumer trends with innovation and rapid response capabilities is critical to maintaining competitiveness. This is not only reflected in the formulation of the product, but also reflected in its packaging style and size.

Safety and quality

Safety and hygiene production is vital to the health of consumers and is the key to the beverage and food industry. The hygienic design of machinery and equipment is one of the primary factors in product safety. Therefore, every part of the equipment must meet the criteria of not depositing product residues, soil or microorganisms, and be easy to clean, which is the only way to eliminate microbial hazards.

 At the same time, taking control and inspection measures during the entire process of production and packaging is also an important safety guarantee. When necessary, product traceability must be ensured. To facilitate process tracking, control and plant data should be saved. All of these initiatives will increase product safety.

These challenges require that the production technology must be sufficiently adaptable and responsive. If the product needs to add new ingredients, the production process must be adjusted accordingly and different temperatures and dosing processes may be required. In order to adapt to the production of new products, technology and equipment must have fast switching capabilities. Automated recipe management is the guarantee of automated processing and efficient production control. Especially in the packaging area, in order to adapt to the diversified needs of the market for package size, it must maintain sufficient flexibility.