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Fully Automatic Side Sealer And Shrink Tunnel Packing Machine
Apr 08, 2018

This Automatic side sealer and shrink packing machine is Suitable for large-volume shrink packaging for stationery, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware and other industries. Imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function, effectively prevent accidental cut packaging. Equipped with imported horizontal and vertical inspection photoelectricity, it is easy to switch and choose. The side sealer and shrink packing machine BTA-450A also features an intimate contact function designed specifically for packaging small products. The complete machine can be connected to the unmanned operation of the production line.

Automatic Grade: Automatic 

Driven Type: Electric 

Suitable shrink film: POF

Application: suitable for big size packing, no limit for length, width can be 500mm.