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Full Automatic Dry Type Granulator
Mar 20, 2018

Full Automatic Dry type Granulator:

1, the machine is equipped with lifting mechanism, feeding device, tabletting device, granulation device, hydraulic system, cooling system, electrical system components.

A: The lifting mechanism adopts the electric oil pump device to realize the lifting of the feeding device during cleaning.

B: Feeding device: Frequency control to change the feeding speed

C: tabletting device: the use of variable frequency speed to change the tablet speed.

D: granulation, the whole device: the use of different granulation tool to apply to different materials, to improve the yield of finished products, the use of frequency control to change the granulation, grain speed.

E: Hydraulic System: The imported hydraulic components, packing performance is good, so that the pressure in the process of the material remained basically the same, to reduce the hydraulic system failure.

F: Cooling, using tap water or cooling water, forced cooling of pinch heat generated by the pinch rollers through the rotary joint circulation cooling device.

H: Electric control part:

Adopt frequency converter can realize stepless speed regulation, motor soft start, inverter has a variety of protection alarm function, can well protect the motor, extend motor life. Make the motor run economically.