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Food Packaging Machine Has Two Main Features
Mar 27, 2018

First, the use of a wide range of food packaging machines:

The scope of application of food packaging machines refers to the packaging forms that a packaging machine can complete, the types and specifications of applicable packaged foods, and the types and specifications of packaging materials.

In general, when the food packaging machine has a small application range, its structure is relatively simple, productivity is high, and production automation is easy to achieve. If you expand the scope of application of food packaging machines, although you can achieve a multi-purpose machine. However, it often causes the mechanical structure to be complex and raises the cost. Therefore, according to the actual needs of the use of the factory, the nature of the food. The nature of the packaging material and the batch size of the packaged product determine the scope of use of the food packaging machine.

Second, the productivity of food packaging machines is high:

The productivity of food packaging machines refers to the quantity or number of foods packaged by a machine within a unit time. Productivity is divided into theoretical productivity and actual productivity. The above definition refers to the theoretical productivity; however, in actual production, production preparation, stopping of foods, and packaging materials are sometimes required.

Debugging and repairing machines, testing product quality, etc. Therefore, in actual production, the actual productivity is used to express the productivity of the packaging machine. It refers to the amount of packaged food that a packaging machine has for a period of time (one day, one shift).