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Flow Type Packing Machine For Pads To Africa
Oct 31, 2017

flow type packing machine for pads to Africa

Combination weighing automatic matching series


flow packing machine for pads

flow packing machine for pads manufacturer

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flow pads packing machine


1. Compact configuration and streamline appearance design. Simple and convenient operation.

2. Applied with system of double inverters for speed adjustment, the machine has reliable function with low noise,

Less trouble and easy maintenance .

3. With intelligent control system of human-machine interface, it gets simple parameters setting and adjustment. Bag length control is displayed intuitively and product size can be easily changed .

4 . Intelligent and digital display temperature controller, which is easily set for accurate individual temperature control, suitable for various packing materials.

5. With imported world famous brand photocell tracking system , the sealing position is correct and accuracy is highly controlled .

6. The stopping position can be set randomly. The position stop function can avoid adhering to the cutter and burning the film .

7. All-purpose bag former can be randomly adjusted and easily operated .

8. Optional seal patters such as straight line, vertical line or net line is available.

9. Various cutting types are available for option.

10. The date-printing position can be adjusted randomly .

11.The whole machine is applied with multiple safety protection devices.

12. It can be equipped with some kinds of automatic material feeding devices.