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Book Wrapping Machine
Mar 29, 2018

Fully-auto High Speed Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel  

This machine has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function that effectively prevents incorrect packaging. It is equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric, which makes it easy to switch selections. The machine can be connected directly with the production line, no need additional operators. 

Automatic Grade: Automatic  

Driven Type: Electric  

Suitable shrink film: POF

Application: food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily used products, pharmaceutical etc.   

Our customer from Indonesia asked for our BTH-450+BM-500L Fully-auto High Speed Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel use for their book wrapping.

The wrapping effect is very good,and customer is very satisfied with our this machine.

book wrapping machine.jpg

Fully-auto High Speed Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel