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Better Maintain For Automatic Particle Packing Machine
Jan 23, 2018

In the production of enterprises, equipment is an important part. The packaging of granular goods requires automatic particle packing machine to complete, for its repair and maintenance, now to share with everyone, hoping to bring friends to help.

          First of all, automatic particle packing machine to keep clean. Due to high mechanical precision, all kinds of debris will interfere with the operation of the equipment, affecting the work efficiency of machinery. For mechanical access to the mouth before the boot, shut down after the timely inspection, timely removal of debris. For mechanical debris or debris within the material should be promptly cleaned up, to ensure the packaging effect of goods.

Second, the machinery should be kept lubricated. Automatic particle packing machine bearings, rotors, combined with parts, etc., to ensure lubrication, timely addition of lubricants to prevent the rapid heating friction, causing mechanical damage. Other parts of the machinery also have to be regularly lubricated to keep the equipment running smoothly.

          Third, regular inspection of the mechanical components, timely replacement of aging components. After a period of use of the equipment, there will be a certain part of the aging phenomenon. Mainly in the parts that are prone to fever and long-term operation, such as bearings, wires, rollers, pressure screws and so on. These parts should be promptly checked, timely detection and replacement of the problem.

          Fourth, machinery to avoid overrun operation. Automatic particle packing machines and other equipment are required under certain conditions, it can be a long time effective work. Do not allow mechanical overload operation, or in the atmosphere containing acids and other corrosive gases circulating in places, which will cause damage to the equipment.

          Finally, the automatic particle packing machine in the case of a long time do not have to pay attention to protection and inspection. Keep the machinery clean and tidy, store it in a place with good air circulation, and cover the equipment with a layer of cloth. Also regularly check the equipment to see if it can operate normally.

          Only after a good maintenance of machinery and equipment, can a long time for the production of services for enterprises to create greater efficiency. The use of automatic particle packing machine should pay attention to the problems that need to be done to maintain, there are many.

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