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Automatic Vertical Packing Machine Routine Maintenance
Feb 01, 2018

Automatic vertical packing machine is the basic principle of packaging through the film heated to have plasticity and processability, the use of the packaging machine installed in the mold, the film material delivered to the mold system, punching out the shape of the bag, and finally to be Packaged goods filled into the bag, the final vacuum.

Automatic vertical packing machine packaging items have, fast, efficient, accurate, economical, adaptable, can be packaged in a variety of items, is our daily production of a common packaging machinery. Maintenance when using the device is very important, improper maintenance lead to automatic stretching vacuum packaging machine life is too low, below and share with you the vertical automatic packaging machine maintenance rules.

vertical packing machine.jpg

Vertical packing machine!

The first point, periodically add lubricants. Due to prolonged work will lead to improper internal machine run-in, not enough internal fit, the appropriate coated lubricant can help better operation. It is recommended to be added every 80 days.

The second point, safety. Automatic vertical packing machine working standard pressure of 0.3MPa, avoid adjusting too large or too small. Otherwise it will cause the performance of the machine paralyzed. And automatic vertical packaging machine must have a perfect grounding device can work, this is a very important issue.

The third point, the machine's internal inspection. Before each operation of the machine, the machine must be inspected inside. Check the project, including gas, power, vibration disk cleaning, thermocouple, cutter and other intact, etc., in order to ensure the quality of each machine work.

The fourth point, when moving the fully automatic vertical packing machine must ensure that the upright state, should not be bumpy, inclined, down.

Scope of application: screws, wall plugs, toys, electronic components, bathroom accessories and so on. Beautifully packaged, easy to use!