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Automatic Plastic Aluminum Blister Packing Machine
Mar 21, 2018

Automatic Plastic aluminum blister packing machine function and features

1、Utilize the newest type large power convery structure in china. compression bands driving the main convery axis, avoid the noise and inaccuracy by other gearing convery

2、The Automatic Plastic aluminum blister packing machine Electric appliance utilize the import control system, and can according the client’s requirement, equip lack material leakage device and lacking material inspection eliminating device.

3、Complete machine utilize the subsection and assemble: PVC forming, feeding, heat sealing as a subsection, Tropical aluminum cold forming, sealing, blanking as a subsection, can fission packing

4Utilize the light and electric control system, PVC. PTP. Hard aluminum packing automatic pushing material, waste edge automatic die cutting device, assure very long distance, many station the same step stability.

5、The Automatic Plastic aluminum blister packing machine Can be choose light and electric inspection device, equip import step motor traction. For printing and packing. Optimize the packaging class.

6This machine suitable for coating sealing packing in capsule, plain film, sugar coating, pill, injection, abnormity, and medichair, light chemical food, electric element. etc

Blister packing machine for medicine

Blister packing machine for medicine.

Aluminum plastic packing machine

Aluminum plastic packing machine

Blister packing machine

Blister packing machine