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Automatic Packaging Machine Working Principle
Jan 02, 2018

Automatic packaging machine is the latest application of factory automation technology, instead of the preformed bag forming, greatly improving the work efficiency, has been widely used by major enterprises.

Before you need to buy a packing machine.

First, you must know your need for the packaging machine is fully automatic or semi-automatic,

Second, choose a high cost of automatic packaging machine.

Third, choose to use the simpler / easy to operate automatic particle packing machine, so that machinery to the factory. Each employee is relatively easy to do by hand,

Fourth, the choice of pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is better manufacturers, it is conducive to the future machine failure. Slow sales and affect the company's production.

Five, choose to have the experience of automatic particle packaging machine manufacturers,

Sixth, choose a good word-of-mouth manufacturers,

Automatic packaging machine working principle.

1. Japan's Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller control, and has a host of Chinese and English user interface, so that equipment is simple, easy to adjust, high degree of automation.

2. Adopting intelligent temperature controller to control the horizontal and vertical sealing temperature, so that the sealing is firm, the sealing is good, the belt is smooth, beautiful and the packaging efficiency is high.

3. Bag making system uses stepper motor subdivision technology, automatic tracking, automatic positioning of the bag color code, easy to complete bag operation, adjustment, speed. Smooth operation, low noise.

4. The use of advanced intelligent optical systems and automatic compensation function, to ensure double-sided printing patterns on the bag automatic version, improve the utilization of packaging materials.

5. Within the specified range Promise adjustment packing speed positioning mouth shut down.

6 can automatically bag, measurement, filling, sealing, cutting, technology, printing batch number and other processes.

7. Volumetric method of measurement, the density of the packaging material is measured accurately, in line with national measurement standards.

Tailored for the material High-quality stainless steel precision vibration plate, imported linear feeders for feeding, precision counting control device to ensure that each bag is accurate, and automatically display the number of packages, the machine can easily statistics the daily workload of advanced The industrial control system does not have the breakdown self-stop, since the police, since the diagnosis, the use safe, is simple.