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Analyze The Advantages And Precautions Of Automatic Particle Packing Machine
Apr 10, 2018

Automatic Particle Packing Machineis generally in the range of 20 to 2 kg. It is used to pack various granular materials. The machine has high working efficiency and requires less energy consumption. More than three hundred watts can be put into work and production. However, the precision of machinery is very high. The space occupied is generally 4,000mm by one thousand millimeters. It occupies a small area and has high site utilization rate and low energy .

The rolling properties of the particulate matter are large. The stability and transmission loss of the particulate matter should be paid attention to when the belt is conveyed. The space occupied by the belt conveyor is also very small. Only the width of the long 3000mm is only 400mm and the space is greatly increased. With the flexibility of the belt, the transmission efficiency can be better ensured, and at the same time, the required energy consumption is smaller because of its lower weight. The low energy consumption and high efficiency are the biggest characteristics of the pellet packaging machine.

The Automatic Particle Packing Machine has an accuracy of 0.2, and the pressure is generally 0.4 to 0.6 at atmospheric pressure.

The basic situation of particle packaging machines is that we can use it to do a lot of practical work. To reduce the cost of work, polypropylene and polyethylene are the best packaging materials.

automatic particle packing machine

Automatic granule Packing Machine

Automatic particle Packing Machine

Automatic particle Packing Machine


1, before each boot, to check whether there are abnormalities around the observation machine.

2. It is forbidden to run at high speed for a long time.

3. When the machine is working normally, it is forbidden to frequently switch the operation buttons. It is forbidden to change the parameter setting values at random.

4. When the machine is in operation, the body, hands and head must not be near or in contact with moving parts.

5, the machine is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to hand and tools into the knife seat.

6, prohibit the operation of two or more colleagues in the various types of switch buttons and institutions; maintenance and maintenance should be turned off when the power; many people at the same time debugging, maintenance of the machine, we must pay attention to communicate with each other and to prevent accidents caused by non-cooperative.