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4 Lanes Paste Packing Machine -Sunshine Machinery
Nov 15, 2017

4 lanes paste packing machine to client in Philippines

We are so glad that our client from Philippines had ordered our 4 sets of 4 lanes paste packing machine.You can check the machine picture with the packing sample.

You can visit below  link for more details:

4 lanes paste packing machine for packing sauce etc.

multi-lanes sauce packing supplier

4 lanes paste packing machine

multi-lanes tomato sauce packing manuifacturer

4 lanes sauce packing machine


1.Famous brand PLC control system,large touch screen,convenient to operate;

2.Advanced design,high precision and fast speed;

3.No film alarm,saving materials and no wasting film;

4.Photoelectric tracking system for precise bag length and position of film;

5.According to your requirement, we will take the servo motor to displace the cylinder for filling the shampoo.