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Automatic Russia Candy Packing Machine

Find great wholesale deals for automatic russia candy packing machine for sale from professional automatic russia candy packing machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Buy quality machine at competitive price from our factory.

Shanghai Sunshine Industry is the professional manufacturer of the high speed automatic Russia candy packing machine. We have professional R&D team, after-sale service team, with more than 10 years production and export experience, we have the best solution for you to pack the foods and beverage etc.

1.Introduction of the high speed Automatic Russia candy packing machine:

The machine we used is called the double-twist packaging. This type of machine packing candies with a regular shape,such as the ellipse,cylinder, sphere, rectangle and so on. Widely used for packing candies with different shape and size. 

Specially widely used in Russia Area for packing candies, chocolate etc.

Russia candy packing machine

Russia candy packing machine

Packing mchine for russia candy

Packing mchine for russia candy

2.Advantages of the Automatic Russia candy packing machine:

(1) easy operation, high efficiency, less labor of manpower, steady operation, low noise and easy mantain.

(2)with imported high-precision intermittent cutting and cam actuating mechanisms adopted for the major components, allmovements are accurate and precise.

(3)the AC motor is accompanied by a frequency converter that enables stepless speed vartion control, with high precision, low consumption of energy and a lonmger life expectancy. besides, the motor can be dynamically adjusted during operation.

(4)fully automatic PCL computer controller, internationally advanced photoelectric sensor, photoeletric detection, bidirectional tracking, quick tracking, accurate pattern and effective elimination of any errors in packing.

(5)overload protection, leakage protection and alarm for absence of the film.

(6)parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, wich is smooth and easy clean.

(7) a single-layer or double-layer packing film is used, and an automatic hopper can be set.

The Russia candy packing machine double twist packing machine for candies are mainly used for packing candies and chocolate beans etc with different shape and different size, for example milk candy , chocolate candy etc.

Automatic russia candy packing machine

Automatic russia candy packing machine

russia chocolate packing machine

russia chocolate packing machine

double twist Milk candy packing machine

Double twist Milk candy packing machine

Shanghai Sunshine supply one year warranty for all our packing machines. We supply the professional packing solution according to your packing material, for foods, for beverage, for chemical products.

This type packing machine usually for double twist packing requirement, like for milk candy, russia candy etc.

If you have requirement for this, please feel free to contact us by email, wechat or skype.

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