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Automatic Roll Paper Packing Machine

Find great automatic roll paper packing machine for sale in China, with high speed, easy to clean and easy to maintenance and clean. Supply with the best quality with best price.

Shanghai Sunshine is a professional manufacturer of Automatic roll paper packing machine, we have rich experience in developing and exporting the toilet roll paper packing machine, also this packing machine can be used in other industry, like for packing bread, biscuit etc.

1.Introduction of the Automatic roll paper packing machine for toilet roll paper:

It is high speed, the max can be 200bags/min, easy to maintenance and clean, and easy to control.

Automatic roll paper packing machine

Automatic roll paper packing machine

roll paper packing machine

roll paper packing machine

roll toilet paper packing machine

roll toilet paper packing machine

2.Advantages of the Automatic roll paper packing machine:

1.The key parts of the roll toilet roll paper packing machine are adopted of stainless structure, in accordance with food QS and medicine GMP health requirements.

2.It is Controlled by dual frequency conversion, the cutting of bag length is following the length setting, saving time and film.

3.The tissue roll paper adopts High sensitive electronic eye tracing system, after setting, the machine is no need to be adjusted by hand, the cutting position is accuracy, and the seal is firm and beautiful.

4.Temperature is controlled by PID intelligence independently and steadily which is suitable for various materials.

5.Machine can be turned off by position; fault is self-diagnosed and displayed clearly.

6.Counting automatically, the packaging production’s counting is accuracy.

7.Machine design and convey system is simple. The machine is convenient to maintain.

8.Machine can be equipped with gas charging device and production date code system according to client’s packaging requirements. 

3.Application of the roll paper packing machine:

The packing machine for wrapping toilet roll paper is widely used for packing different size roll paper, and also can be used in food industry, like for packing bread, biscuit, cake pie etc material. It is high quality and with high speed to meet your production requirement.

roll paper wrapping machine

roll paper wrapping machine

toilet paper wrapping machine

toilet paper wrapping machine

Service of Shanghai Sunshine:


1) Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

2) Free project planning and design services;

3) Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4) Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

5) Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6) Free new production techniques and formulas;

7) Provide 1 year complete warrantee and lifetime maintenance service

If you have requirement for such packing machine, kindly contact us.

We supply all the packing solution for you!

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