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About Us

Our History
Since in 2006, 3 engineers with 5 or more years experience in machine designing and Bachelor degree specialized in tough products and shaped bottles, while 5 technical staff with 2 years machine design experience and college education, as well as a group of processing masters grow with company.

Our Factory
We have modern standard factory, visionary venture team, skill-full R&D team and strong after-sales technical backup. We focus on the R&D of the food packaging machinery, we absorbed and advanced packaging machinery technology from overseas and made improvements and innovations. We aim at becoming bench marking and flag bearer in domestic packaging machinery industry.

Food Packing Machines suppliers

Food Packing Machines Factory

Food Packaging Machines suppliers

Food Packaging Machines Factory

Food Packaging Machinery suppliers

Packaging Machinery Factory

Food Packing Machine suppliers

Packing Machine Factory

Our Product
We have a particular focus on the automatic packing and conveying system for confectionaries, extruded snacks, biscuits, powder products,roasted seeds and nuts, deep-frozen food, farm and sideline products, chemical products and hardware products and so on. We adhere to high quality with favourable price, mutual benefit, as the company's development, we have the ability for domestic and foreign customers to supply high quality, fast, excellent price service. "assembly line, packing machine, filling machine, capping machine, drying machine, sealing machine, box machine, packing machines, palletizing machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, strapping machine, assembly machine, pressing machine, screw machine, laser machine, dispensers" and so on.

Product Application
Food,medical, cosmetics and other industries

Our Certificate

Production Market
Besides domestic middle-high rank clients, our Sunshine products are marketed in more than 40 countries around the world. Many of them are distributed in developed countries, such as Europe, North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. These countries are America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Holland, Spanish, Portugal, Britain, France, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Croatia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Iran, Brazil etc. For the machines work well, it brings good profit to the clients and also gained approval from them. Moreover, our Sunshine packing products are noticed and respected by foreign craft brother in packing field.